About me

I'm Lukas

About me

More than 10 years ago I started my first custom website and graphic design production. In that time I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients ranging from individuals, and non-profit organisations to multinational corporations. Today, my specialisation is focused on product and interaction design (UX, UI, IxD). From mobile apps and website designs to a variety of smart devices.

Technology, Art, Psychology, Marketing and Business are all areas of deep interest to me. That's why my design approach is holistic and considers your product or service from A to Z.

My goal is to design a solution that adds real value, and not to play with pixels. I strive to create scalable solutions that not only work today, but that can be built on years down the road. I can help you with the entire design process from research, prototyping and user testing to unique visuals. On-time and on budget.

Lukas Troup

What I'm strong at

  • Visual & UI design
  • Prototyping
  • MVPs

Who I like to work with

  • Tech companies
  • Ambitious startups
  • Finance, crypto & web3 industry

How I work

My design process

The foundation of any successful app or website is quality design. However, we are not talking about nice visuals here. Quality design is all about successful problem‑solving.


Understanding your business, market and user needs is the most important thing for a working solution. We define your needs, goals and map everything we need.


We will lay out possible solutions on the table and create the most suitable design proposal. From initial sketches to final UI. All preferably in a more functional clickable prototype.

3Test & Improve

We perform user testing and incorporate the results into the design. This process can be repeated until the best possible solution is found.


I will prepare quality outputs for developers, or I will deliver you a ready-made solution. I can provide additional support during the dev and after-launch phase.

The design process is not linear, and the order of steps may not always match. It all depends on the specific project and its status.

Lukas has great ideas and can understand the customer's needs. It was a great collaboration during which we created a unique app.

Pavol Cervenicky
Product Owner, Sberbank

Lukas is very hardworking, delivers outputs quickly and in perfect quality, has novel ideas and knows how to deal with different requirements and always find a suitable solution.

Zuzana Příkopová
Business Analyst, Patria Finance

I really enjoy working with Lukas, he is very quick to orient and adapts to different phases of the project. He is a responsible partner who keeps his word and deadlines.

David Adamik
Project Manager, CoinCross